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We're working to create thriving communities, for everyone.

People are at the centre of our neighbourhoods. Our employee-led Foundation supports charitable organizations that are actively working to improve and positively impact the neighbourhoods in which we operate.  

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Our Pillars of Focus

Food Insecurity & Poverty

1 in 7 Canadians face food insecurity and are deprived of the essential nutrients needed to grow and thrive everyday (Second Harvest). We invest in and raise funds for recognized meal programs, homeless shelters, community housing initiatives, food banks and food rescue organizations who provide food and monetary support for lower income families in our neighbourhoods.

Food Insecurity & Poverty Reduction

is our 2024-2025 Pillar of Focus 

Youth Issues

Our children are our future. We understand the importance of helping the next generation and are committed to providing them with all the necessary tools and resources needed to thrive and succeed.


Our Foundation looks to support programs that offer youth literacy training, education and schooling, mental and physical wellness programs, and mentorship initiatives. 

Mental Health

Mental health affects all of us – whether you experience it you or know someone who does.  We’re committed to providing community support services and necessary resources for the emotional wellbeing of our neighbourhood members. That includes raising awareness and breaking the stigma around mental health. 

Social Justice

An integral part in creating thriving neighbourhoods, is to ensure that they are fair, just, equitable, and inclusive.


Our Foundation is committed to addressing and eliminating acts of bigotry, discrimination, and prejudice to create a safe and trusted environment that will elevate outcomes, opportunities and experiences for everyone.

Who are we? 

Our Foundation was created as part of FCR’s 2020-2024 Environmental, Social, and Governance Roadmap

The Foundation is a natural complement to FCR’s business as we continue to make a long-term sustainable commitments to the communities we serve – to generate and enhance value for everyone.

Our guiding principles:

Supporting our Neighbourhoods. 

Giving Back to our Communities. 

Partnering with our Tenants. 

Connecting with our Employees. 

Celebrating as One Team with One Purpose. 

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