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We've come a long way!

We're proud to have contributed over one million dollars of economic value to our charitable partners since we launched our foundation in 2020, evolving the ways we build thriving neighbourhoods along the way! From our first fundraiser in support of Food Banks across Canada in 2020, to expanding our fundraising events nationally in 2023 - we're looking forward to building on our progress, and generating even more value for our charitable partners.

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2020 - Our Launch Year

In late 2020, our Foundation was created as part of FCR’s 2020-2024 Environmental, Social, and Governance Roadmap.  officially registering on January 1st, 2021. Upon laying down the foundation of our organization charity, our first fundraising effort was a company-wide food drive in support of Food Banks Canada. We were thrilled to raise over $66,000 worth of food and monetary donations for food banks in neighbourhoods across Canada. We also launched a ‘Meal Drop’ program to give back to first responders and at risk communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. We delivered hot meals to over 1,500 first responders and as risk people in neighbourhoods in Toronto, Burlington, Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver.  

$62,000 raised & 1,500+ meals delivered.

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2021 - Setting our goals, building on our success!

In 2021, we partnered with Second Harvest, Canada's largest food rescue, to raise money and deliver food to those most in need. Our employees organized community walks in cities across Canada, and raised an astonishing $338,000. This helped Second Harvest deliver 939,168 meals and redistribute 939,168 pounds of food which have otherwise gone into landfills across Canada. This ensure that 3,531,531 pounds of greenhouse gases did not enter our atmosphere, which is the equivalent of taking 491 cars off the road for an entire year!

$338,000 raised & 939,168 meals delivered.

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2022 & 2023 - Taking on a New Focus

Upon completing two successful years focusing on Food Insecurity, our employees elected to support Mental Health as our next pillar of focus. We partnered with Kids Help Phone and their Counsellor in The Classroom program, promoting the discussion of mental health and well-being among young people.

Over $525,000 raised from 2022-2023.

Stay tuned for updates on our new 2024 & 2025 Pillar of Focus and upcoming Signature Charitable Partner!

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